The National Biosafety Authority (NBA) was established by the Biosafety Act, 2011 (Act 831) to receive, process, respond to and make decisions on applications under the Act; to establish an administrative mechanism to ensure the appropriate handling and storage of documents and data in connection with applications and other matters covered under the Act. Again, to act as the National Focal Point responsible for liaising with any other agencies or international organizations concerned with biotechnology and biosafety and lastly to promote public awareness, participation and education concerning the activities of the Authority under the Act.


 To excel as a Modern Biotechnology (new breeding technologies) regulator trusted and respected by Ghanaians and the International community.


To promote sustainable socio-economic development through efficient and transparent regulation of Modern Biotechnologies (new breeding technologies) particularly of GMOs.

Towards this mission, we will develop the necessary man-power, and build strategic alliances, partnerships and cooperation with national, regional and international bodies involved in the new breeding technologies and biosafety to fulfil our obligations.


  • Transparency
  • Integrity
  • Service Oriented
  • Ethical
  • Vigilance


Our core competences and capabilities are in the area of Biosafety application review and enforcement (comprising inspections, regulatory support services, investigations, compliance and applications evaluation); Planning, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation (comprising operational policies and planning, research and project management, monitoring and evaluation); Biosafety Training and Public Education and Awareness. Specific details of these competences and capabilities are expressed in the NBA’s Scheme of Service.


In General

  • Respect for our applicants and stakeholders.
  • Provision of prompt, friendly, courteous and efficient regulation of GMOs.
  • The NBA takes ownership of all biosafety applications, and efficiently inform stakeholders on our decisions.
  • We provide the public with accurate and consistent
  • We will strive to excel in our services through continuous improvement, surveys and identification of new technologies.
  • We will seek your feedback on our services to ensure public satisfaction.
  • We are realistic about what we can do and in what
  • We show respect for privacy and the confidentiality of information as enshrined in the Biosafety Act (Act 831).

Face to Face

  • Our doors are opened for discussions on your concerns and expectations.
  • We will endeavour to process your applications you submit to us within the time frame prescribed by the Biosafety Act.

Over the telephone

  • We will endeavour to answer your call Phone calls will not go unanswered.
  • Where messages are left on voicemail, they will be returned within one business
  • We will return your telephone enquiry by the next business
  • We will provide a 24 hour telephone service for urgent after hours calls, except during the weekends.
  • We will provide a direct contact number for further communications where
  • We will take personal responsibility for, and ownership of, your enquiry to reduce transferred

In writing or email

  • Our communication with the public will be clear, and in concise language that is easily
  • Our response to all letters or e-mails regarding our Biosafety practice will be within 7 working days of receipt of such communication.
  • If enquiries require in-depth research or follow-up that will take longer than 7 working days, we will acknowledge the correspondence, and where possible, provide an expected completion date and details.

Via the internet or social media

  • We will maintain our website with relevant and up-to-date information that is easily understood and
  • We will post interesting, engaging, relevant and up-to-date information on our social media platforms that encourages interaction and
  • We will respond to enquiries and posts on our social media platforms in a timely and professional
  • We will keep up to date with online services and public engagement tools and trends.


The quality of our service will be measured and improved by:

  • conducting an annual stakeholder satisfaction survey
  • obtaining feedback from the public using feedback forms and surveys
  • implementing quality training and coaching activities for our staff
  • Using key performance indicators in the public service planning system.
  • Using effective internal systems and public service reporting guidelines to measure our
  • Motivating our staff for public service delivery


You can help us to meet our commitments to you by:

  • being courteous, polite and respectful of our staff
  • respecting the rights of, and provide courtesy towards, other stakeholders
  • Being open and honest with us by providing accurate and complete details when contacting us.
  • Contacting the NBA to make an appointment if you have a complex or technical enquiry, or need to meet with a specific
  • contacting the officer referred on any correspondence sent to you and quoting the reference number – if applicable
  • using appropriate channels for requests, complaints and compliments while using online social media channels for general dialogue
  • working with us to help solve problems
  • telling us where we fall short on our service in any aspect so that we may improve our services to the public
  • Helping us recognise our staff by alerting us when you receive excellent service from the secretariat.


The NBA will do whatever it takes to meet the expectations of stakeholders, particularly applicants. Our stakeholder satisfaction will be more efficient when feedbacks are sent to the secretariat. In addition, any request for action, a complaint or compliment received from clients would be very much appreciated. The NBA has a public relation unit to assist with feedbacks, compliments and complaints. The unit will ensure that concerns are dealt with appropriately by the relevant department. Kindly refer to ‘Contact us’ for further details.


The NBA is committed to opening up to the general public particularly, the industry, farmers, research and academia, policy makers, the media, the private sector (including advocacy groups, community based organisations, faith based organisations and non-governmental organisations).


If you would like to suggest ways in which we can improve our services, you can:


  •  speak to the department concerned by calling: +233 50 181 5018
  •  speak to the Public Relations Unit by calling: +233 50 181 5018.


  •  The National Biosafety Authority via:


  •  Visit the NBA website at

Social media


Write to the NBA:

Chief Executive Officer

National Biosafety Authority

PO Box WY 669

Kwabenya, Accra